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  • «Claustrophobia» — is a story about your experience, about the opportunity to test yourself in something new and go beyond the usual framework. We are proud to be the first in Russia created a nationwide network of quests in reality, and that in each of our quest you will live a unique history. Researching and developing entertainment formats, we have created a performance "The Collector", which was the first adventure, combining a live action, the quest items and the psychological techniques that enhance the experience of participants, immersing them in the plot.

    By May 2015 we've opened 84 quests and 1 performance in Russia, Europe and the United States; 97 quests and 8 performances are being developed. This means that we have come up with nearly 200 unique script. A variety of puzzles, riddles and puzzles are impossible to count.

    Let's go back into the recent past (by the way, in some of our quests you can go through a similar experience). The format of quests in reality - is came out the monitor quests 90s genre escape the room. The player is looking for a way out of the room, using the means at hand and combining them guessing various riddles.

    In "Claustrophobia" everything is happening in reality, and all that you see before you, you can touch, move, once used in the game (but preferably not broken, do not uproot from the floor, walls, ceiling, and so on - this remind you to be sure before the game). After 60 minutes, your team gets indoors. If one hour of the passage of the quest was not enough, the door is still open, but in this case, do not expect us to honor and cool bracelet winners.

    The first quests in reality appeared simultaneously in Japan and Hungary. Fresh idea sparked interest among outdoor enthusiasts and occupied a niche in the market of entertainment, but the implementation was "crude" and not enough thought out. Therefore when creating quests and performances under the brand "Claustrophobia" focuses on ... In fact special attention is paid to every detail. After all that you left us full of emotion everything is important. Script level puzzles, their uniqueness, nice room design, original legend and manufacturability.

    Few details about the quests

    The very first quest of "Claustrophobia" is "Psychiatric Hospital" and "Soviet apartment," which opened in December 2013. They passed a series of renovations that allowed them to become even more interesting, and remain with us to this day.

    On the page of each quest you'll find a brief description of the plot, its rating, the age limit, the address locations and showtimes. We try not to repeat ourselves: you can be sure that every quest will be for you something new, not previously tested.

    At the beginning we've mentioned the main thing. The main thing - it's your experience. Therefore during the entire creative process, from concept and creation of the script to select the colors of the walls, we constantly put ourselves in your place. Imagine how many people think that you will feel after you closed the door of the quest, especially after they re-opened 60 minutes later (or sooner, if you are a genius).

    Quests in reality are already well known in the entertainment world but the direction of the performances just developing. Performance "The Collector" pointed to opportunities of the format in which the logic and thinking gave way to emotions and feelings. Performance absorbed elements of the quest, but the strength of impressions has gone far ahead. The performance you will not find complex logical problems and puzzles, here the emphasis is on your feelings that are created under the influence of actors, scenery and non-linear plot which depends only on you. In the near future there will be new performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk and of course each will have its own unique history.

    By the way, we really appreciate the feedback and are constantly working to improve our quests and performances listening to your opinion. So if you have something to say, to ask, to wish us - we are happy to communicate with you helpme@phobia.ru , on our pages social networks or directly on location.